Climbing Buachaille Etive Mor Curved Ridge

2009 31 مه
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Climbing The Curved Ridge on Buachaille Etive Mor, Glen Coe on very hot day at end of May 2009. Apologies for the camera-work.

  • Would like to see you and Murray of Scotland’s Mountains do a climb together when the rules are relaxed .

    jeg569jeg569پیش 3 ماه
  • I climbed it too about 17 years ago and about 15kg lighter. It's an epic scramble.

    Heather McCannHeather McCannپیش 6 ماه
  • Came across this video randomly. I am so pleased that I finally know how to pronounce the name of this mountain. Been to Glencoe a fair few times. It's absolute heaven!

    Steve CoxSteve Coxپیش 7 ماه
  • So this guy climbed a frikin' mountain, but I found out he existed because of 2 cute dogs lol

    EmzyEmzyپیش 9 ماه
    • One paw to control, and a switch🐕.....oh wait, wrong video!😅. Seriously though, amazing video of beauty😊

      L WL Wپیش 9 ماه
  • God this took me back! Climbed it about 24 years and 3 stone ago!

    Mick HorsleyMick Horsleyپیش 9 ماه
    • And watched it two months ago apparently #lockdownbrain

      Mick HorsleyMick Horsleyپیش 9 ماه
  • Everything looks much steeper in your video than I can remember.

    djbrown114djbrown114پیش 10 ماه
  • Mountain

    The new GeorgeThe new Georgeپیش 10 ماه
  • My god! I've done that! My fat fifties body can't believe it!

    Mick HorsleyMick Horsleyپیش 11 ماه
  • Watching an old VHS of this game "Rangers also won a Champions League game 7-2, Ally McCoist running riot against Alania Vladikavkaz of Russia in 1996/97, but that was in qualifying so doesn't count." Were you the commentator?

    Jim RamsayJim Ramsayپیش 7 سال
    • this is andrew cotter the bbc commentator

      Jack McMullanJack McMullanپیش 4 سال
  • Beautiful mountain. I must get myself to Scotland one day to do some mountaineering amongst other things.

    Gummi1708Gummi1708پیش 7 سال
  • I certainly think that the Aonach Eagach Ridge is more formidable. Curved Ridge is simply climbing upwards and dealing with a bit of exposure. But the key thing is that there isn't any down-climbing which there is plenty of on the AE Ridge. And that is always more daunting.

    mrandrewcottermrandrewcotterپیش 9 سال
  • @tarbowtin Done both now and I can assure you that AE Ridge is much harder as its UP aand DOWN whereas this is just UP which is the easier of the 2! Check my vids of each in utube.

    Jim RamsayJim Ramsayپیش 9 سال
  • buckle looked fierce the other day....must climb this tower ridge route - in summer - think i'll leave that route to the scottish hillary types.

    Robert AndrewRobert Andrewپیش 9 سال
  • @tarbowtin Technically I would rate Curved Ridge around 1/2 a grade harder than Aonach Eagach. It has a completely different character -steeper parts are more like a rock face than a ridge- and has quite a serious feel about it. Good holds can always be found, nevertheless, nervous or novice scramblers may want reassurance of rope on steep pitches. Great route.

    BroonziedBroonziedپیش 9 سال
  • how does the Curved Ridge compare to the Aonach Eagach scrambling wise

    tarbowtintarbowtinپیش 9 سال
  • Did this last week - fantastic route. Had watched your video before hand and found it very helpful. Great commentary, but you are an expert after all -LOL

    Jim RamsayJim Ramsayپیش 9 سال
  • @admcotter Ah a thought so, anyhow great video, going to try it this summer hopefully.

    TheEvilscotsman123TheEvilscotsman123پیش 10 سال
  • @TheEvilscotsman123 That's the one. Can't stop commentating - even when climbing.

    mrandrewcottermrandrewcotterپیش 10 سال
  • Are you they rugby commentator, for bbc, your voice is familiar.

    TheEvilscotsman123TheEvilscotsman123پیش 10 سال
  • @only1barneyrubble Nice one for your first. Next, head across the A82 to The Aonach Eagach.

    mrandrewcottermrandrewcotterپیش 10 سال
  • Went on bag a Munro for meningitis , first i had been ,The idea was to bag a munro and raise some money for a good cause . I had never been hillwalking so did,nt have a clue when someone said they would take me on the curved ridge of Buachaille Etive Mor . This was an experienced mountain guide ( four seasons etc ) so thought i was in safe hands and would be a nice day out !!!!!!!!!!!!! .What a way to lose your virginity ! .After the event , i would not have missed it for the world .

    only1barneyrubbleonly1barneyrubbleپیش 10 سال
  • im off to do this route in a couple of weeks..... cant wait....awesome shots

    Gaz JonesGaz Jonesپیش 10 سال
  • Some nice shots around Glencoe but you have to keep the coffee away from the cameraman. No sign of "Jamie's" V.Diff corner on that route up Curved Ridge.

    gallusguygallusguyپیش 11 سال