Climbing Ben Nevis via Tower Ridge Part 2

2009 24 سپتامبر
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Climbing Ben Nevis via Tower Ridge in September 2009. From The Great Tower across Tower Gap to sunset on the summit of Britain's highest mountain.

  • I came to your channel to laugh with you, Olive & Mabel. Then I found this. Respect. Tower Gap is not for the faint-hearted is it? And I’m just talking about viewers!

    Visions NigelVisions Nigelپیش 6 ماه
  • Golly gosh, kudos Mr Cotter, I feel climbing a ladder, not kidding.

    Kirsch RotKirsch Rotپیش 11 ماه
  • Wow! That's amazing!

    Susan SergeantSusan Sergeantپیش 11 ماه
  • Respect!

    misstrekfreakmisstrekfreakپیش سال
  • Wow! We viewed Ben Nevis from Corpach in 2016. Cool to see it from the top. Crazy climb though. Yikes!

    B. PetersonB. Petersonپیش سال
  • Looks very scary yet very fun! I've only been up Nevis once, just the tourist route which was pretty uninteresting and not that enjoyable, but the reward was a clear, sunny day with a brilliant view. I've been saying that if doing it again I'd rather go up via CMD arete, but instantly changed my mind when I seen this video. Been doing indoor climbing last year or so, and some outdoor climbing also, so this is very appealing. Great video diary, fun climb and fantastic day for it! Thanks!

    Cal MorrisonCal Morrisonپیش 8 سال
  • Great video .. brings back the memorie's when i climbed tower ridge ,,, cheers

    GazoutdoorsGazoutdoorsپیش 8 سال
  • Just a couple of years. Bit of indoor climbing then Aonach Eagach, Buachille Etive Mor by the Curved Ridge and then this. It was a great day. And if you mean the commentator bloke, then yes......

    mrandrewcottermrandrewcotterپیش 9 سال
  • Fantastic video's there! You caught Ben on a lovely day too, great filming! Thanks

    EvanskioEvanskioپیش 11 سال
  • Very kind. I've just got back home after doing Carn Mor Dearg and up to The Ben via the CMD arete today. 2 and a half months later and the whole place is now white but it was just as stunning.

    mrandrewcottermrandrewcotterپیش 11 سال
  • Great set of videos. Beatiful weather!. Thanks for posting!.

    GrinahStonesGrinahStonesپیش 11 سال